Water-cooled, third-generation brake

  Power management company Eaton has launched its Airflex WCBD3 and WCSB3 water-cooled third generation brake in Africa. This is a disc type, water-cooled dynamic tensioning brake designed to keep oil, gas and mining operations up and running. The latest custom design helps dissipate extremely high thermal energy loads experienced in applications such as draw works, […]

Networking, telemetry, monitoring and control solutions

  Booyco Electronics’ Remcon range of products provides industrial networking, telemetry, monitoring and control solutions and has been designed to function optimally with both conventional and contemporary technology. The innovative Remcon fire detection system meets the mining industry’s specific requirement for monitoring multiple gases at precise locations underground. Booyco Electronics has supplied some of the […]

Positioners for stable process control

  Mitech’s pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and smart positioners deliver stable process control at a low price. Their rugged, durable design makes them ideal for harsh environments while maintaining precise, accurate positioning of the control element. Units can be easily changed from direct to reverse action, or vice versa. Low air consumption keeps operating costs at a minimum […]