Dynamic, intelligent and flexible control for city lighting

  by Daniel Gooijer, Philips Lighting Over the next few years, the global urban population is expected to grow by about 44-million people every year. 70% of these people are expected to live in cities by 2050, placing considerable strain on cities’ lighting solutions. Download PDF  

Case study: Waste granite recycled into cobble stones

  Information from SEW Eurodrive A proposed design to rehabilitate abandoned granite mines creates low-skill employment and generates income. Download PDF

Industrial automation explained

by Gary Wilson, Siemens A basic guide to how switchgear, instrumentation and variable speed drives integrate with software and control systems to create industrial automation. The word “automation” means to control an industrial machine or process without human intervention. In this article, we focus on factory and process automation. Factory automation In factory automation, field […]

Ambient LED lighting advances in tomorrow’s vehicles

  The advancement of ambient LED lighting solutions stems from the quest by automotive-OEM interior stylists to add value and make their vehicles more appealing while creating a truly positive driving experience and increasing brand awareness. Electronics is the fastest-growing sector of automotive content, over mechanical, pneumatics and hydraulics. With the increasing number of ambient […]

SA digital laser a world first

  by Hans van de Groenendaal, EE Publishers South African researchers have developed the world’s first digital laser, creating many new applications for laser technology Conventional laser devices commonly consist of mirrors, energy (light) and a casing containing a medium, for example crystal or glass. The medium changes the frequency of the light to create […]

Infrared LED technology for touchscreens

  The advent of high-efficiency infrared LEDs has made intuitive and robust touchscreens for various devices and controllers attractive to both industry and the end-user. Download the Pdf

Automatic energy optimisation for efficiency, precision system control

  Information from Danfoss Drive manufacturers have attempted to improve the low speed efficiency of motors, but most products require tedious manual adjustment. “Automatic energy optimisation” offers a solution. Download the Pdf    

Energy efficiency for machines: the smart choice for motorisation

  Information from Schneider Electric Machines are designed according to performance criteria and productivity but the rising cost of energy demands new strategies in terms of machine design. Download the Pdf

Largest ever maritime salvage challenges engineers

  by Edwina Ross, IDC Technologies Righting the ill-fated liner Costa Concordia off the environmentally-sensitive Tuscan coast has challenged engineers to the world’s largest maritime salvage project ever. Download the Pdf

Reasons for using controlled mechanical brakes – part 2

  by Grant Ray Sutherland, 1958 From the ICMEESA archive Controlled retardation through high-pressure, oil-controlled spring brakes speeds up the winding cycle of AC and DC winders with safety. Download the Pdf