Not-so-smart metering: an end-user’s point of view

  Smart metering, we have been told, allows the utility to read the meter remotely and the end-user to monitor and control energy consumption. The reality, however, is somewhat less appealing. Never having had such a facility available before makes one fairly ignorant of what can be expected and, as is usual in these cases, […]

Public lighting: Smarter lighting or no lighting at all?

  This article includes a review of major Belgian and international studies on street and highway lighting and its effects on road safety and energy conservation. In terms of street lighting, it is possible to maintain service and safety levels for users while saving energy. New terms are defined, such as “service level”, which measures […]

SANS 10114-1 compliance remains a prerequisite

Performance and energy efficiency improvements in lamps and lighting, as well as an influx of new products in recent years have replaced the familiar, standard performance parameters, but SANS 10114-1 must still be complied with. IEC Technical Committee TC 34, which is responsible for lamps and lighting standards, and the CIE International Committee on Illumination […]