Audio: Chris Yelland on the Eskom crisis and the way forward

  EE Publishers’ Chris Yelland speaks to Bruce Whitfield on the Radio 702/Cape Talk “Money Show” about Eskom’s War Room and 5-point plan to address the electricity crisis in South Africa. He discusses what the future holds in terms of load shedding; NERSA’s announcement that end-users will settle Eskom’s diesel bill by 2016; independent power […]

Vector Inbox: February 2015

In this issue, our readers give advice on voltage surges at Kidds Beach in the Eastern Cape and respond to a letter in our Nov/Dec 2014 issue on the role of the conveyance attorney in the issuance of CoCs. Re: CoCs and the conveyance attorney Dear Editor Malcolm Clark’s letter on certificates of compliance and […]

The new world of energy: Digital, local and consumer focused

  The energy world is changing. From a concentrated and centralised system discovered in 1888, the energy system is evolving to a decentralised system with diverse energy generation sources. There are two main factors causing this transformation: the introduction of information technology (IT) in the energy sector, and the emergence of alternative energy generation sources […]

Vector Inbox: November/December 2014

  In this issue, our readers comment on the article, “Certificates of Compliance: the role of the conveyance attorney” (Vector, October 2014, page 3), relating to the purchase and sale of fixed property. Re: “Certificates of Compliance: the role of the conveyance attorney” Dear Editor As a member of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce, I […]

What does the future hold for South African manufacturing?

  A discussion panel on the future of manufacturing in South Africa heard that government has not pursued solutions sufficiently to enable the country to fulfill its manufacturing potential, resulting in the loss of over 300 000 jobs in the sector since the global financial crisis. Yet, at 11% of GDP, the sector still employs […]