Video challenge seeks geospatial ethics concepts

August 26th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The American Geographical Society (AGS) EthicalGEO Initiative seeks to encourage thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, practitioners, students, and everyday citizens and bring them into a global dialogue about the ethical challenges and opportunities posed by the many geospatial technologies and data sources that are reshaping our society.

Just as the EthicalAI dialogue has enabled a broad-based discussion about the future implications of AI, and the ways in which our society might steer the technology to our purposes, the EthicalGEO initiative seeks to spur a similar conversation around the flurry of geospatial innovations that have become part of daily life.

Everyone on earth is invited to shape the EthicalGEO dialogue by submitting their ideas in the form of a three-minute video. These big ideas will become publicly available for the world to see, comment on, and to seek partnership in advancing common ideas and goals. From all of these submissions, seven will be selected to receive a 1 year, $7500 award to advance their ideas as an American Geographical Society EthicalGEO Fellow. (Note:  Currently only citizens and residents of Canada, Mexico, or the United States are eligible for the prize, though the AGS is hoping to expand geographical eligibility in coming years.)

Video submissions should cover the following:

  • What big challenge are you trying to address, or what big opportunity do you seek to harness?
  • What is your big idea, project, or initiative and how will you go about executing?
  • What kind of change do you hope your effort will have on our society?
  • A short introduction of yourself and your credibility is important.

Topics covered by EthicalGEO include global positioning systems, satellite remote sensing, drones, cyber/location technologies, augmented and virtual reality, self-navigating autonomous vehicles, smart cities, internet of things, online cadastral data, census data, artificial intelligence and deep learning, geocoded commercial transactions and credit information, geocoded public records data, indoor location innovations, and more.

The video submission deadline is 9 September 2019. EthicalGEO Fellows will be announced by 20 September 2019. Learn more at

Check out already submitted videos here.

Contact EthicalGEO,

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