Video surveillance enhances remote site security management

November 1st, 2016, Published in Articles: EngineerIT



John Eigelaar, “Our new development makes security and surveillance much easier and more effective and thus a huge cost saving”.

Video surveillance in remote site monitoring provides new tools for security teams. Real-time streaming makes it possible for security teams to respond appropriately to a security incident.  In the event of an intruder alarm from a remote site, security teams will be alerted and will be able to see live video streaming to more effectively judge the situation and help them to decide how best to respond.

A teams of engineers and developers at Pretoria-based electronics development and research company, Keystone Electronic Solutions, developed the streaming on trigger video platform.  Director and co-founder of the company, John Eigelaar, said that they identified a need for a video surveillance platform to augment remote monitoring and control solutions. He said we called it Project V.  It consists of remote site monitoring unit and a central surveillance platform which is deployed in a central data centre with access provided though a web user interface which is accessible via a standard web browser without the need to install any user software applications.

The stream on trigger platform provides digital video recording and archiving on the system or at a remote site integrated with customer systems such as network management systems, trouble ticket management and reporting tools though an open integration application program interface (API).

The bandwidth of the system can be selected on each on-site  unit. Depending on the selected bandwidth the AV video will either be streamed to the Project V server or recorded locally on board. In both instances the alarm event will be transmitted across the control and event pipe (CnE) over the network. Operators can also request AV streams or recordings from the web graphical interface. GUE. The system can integrate with any IP camera additional to any I/O interface that a camera might provide such as zone or movement triggers, and can also be integrated with the platform as part of the site security profile.

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