Virtual reality launched for corporate team building

November 12th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

In October 2019, The Networking Company, a leadership development consultancy, has launched its new virtual reality (VR), multi-player education and training tool, Team VR, a technology it has licenced from UK-based developers Jenson8.

Unlike most training and development VR apps, the solution focuses on collaboration and team work, and for this reason is also cloud-based to allow remote collaboration.

The VR focuses on collaboration and includes unique dimensions such as allowing external teams to communicate with those in VR scenarios.

Team VR currently has two VR apps – a collaboration app and an app for testing ethics and compliance scenarios. While the VR apps have a gaming interface, they are distinctly different from VR games in that they are not driven by a single player, and don’t have tradition gaming elements such as player scores. Instead the apps were developed and based on industrial phycology principles to teach and encourage collaboration. The VR setup adds another dimension to the collaboration by allowing external teams to view and communicate with those in VR scenarios.

Virtual reality is becoming a popular educational tool because of its immersive nature, and corporates have already used it in safety and training applications in industries like mining. However, this VR application focuses on soft skills and human development rather than single task training. VR is also an appealing medium as it can be more cost-effective than traditional training, and in the case of Team VR, is also scalable.

The Networking Company helps people maximise their networks through face-to-face training and digital learning, with their clients including FNB, Standard Bank, Mondimedia across Europe, The Hilton Hotel group, Hollard Insurance, Cell C and Absa Bank.

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