Virtual technology to model electricity grid in 3D

September 7th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

Advanced 3D digital modelling of the UK’s electricity grid will be launched by electricity network operator SP Energy Networks as it plans to introduce Fugro’s virtual technology to reduce the risk of power cuts and prepare for the introduction of the technology across its network. This follows a trial since 2014. The upgrade will use technology developed by Fugro to map the entire network using virtual world visualisation tools. The company has been awarded a three-year contract, beginning in July 2019, to develop a precise model of SP Energy Networks’ complete overhead line network using 3D models and advanced analytics. It will record the network using aerial survey data, which will ultimately be used to identify where vegetation and other external factors may disrupt the network. Under the new contract, Fugro will capture lidar data and aerial imagery to create an accurate 3D representation of the distribution network, down to the centimetre. The model, which will cover over 41 000 km of network areas, will provide a digital foundation for asset inspections that will reduce the number of on-site surveys and audits and increase efficiency in vegetation and ground clearance management.

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