Visualisation software adds GIS support

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Spheron-VR, specialist high dynamic range (HDR) camera technology and visual content management software, announced the forthcoming version of their SceneCenter software. This latest version 3.0 of the software will include full support for geographic information systems (GIS), providing georeferenced positioning for all assets within SceneCenter and the integration of customer-GIS-maps into projects. The software offers the production of virtual onsite scene documentation and tailored solutions for governmental applications such as crime scene documentation, security, critical infrastructure protection and also Industrial applications such as rail, nuclear, oil and gas, utilities and construction. The new version offers an improved workflow, allowing multiple GIS data sources to be integrated simultaneously, and enabling it to connect to industry-leading GIS systems. Documentation allows virtual access to a scene or a site from anywhere at any time. The integration of GIS technology will allow clients to connect spherical imagery to georeferenced data resources, take 3D photogrammetric measurement and interconnect both GIS and spherical imagery to all kinds of other digital asset information.

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