Turbo gearboxes

May 17th, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

The turbo gear market is a challenging one and BHS high performance turbo gear and turbo parallel shaft gear units meet the uncompromising demands for superior quality and uncompromising reliability. The BHS gearbox range includes parallel shaft gearboxes, epicyclic, power distribution and integral gearboxes as well as rotor turning gears and diaphragm couplings. Voith turbo parallel shaft gear units have the capacity to transmit very high powers and speeds with high efficiency and are most commonly used to reduce the turbine speed to generator speed for powers up to approximately 85 MW or turbine speeds up to about 60 000 rpm. These gear units are especially suited to high-speed applications and designed for continuous operation and have proven themselves in many diverse turbo-machinery and other applications. Voith Turbo is one of the most experienced manufacturers of planetary or epicyclic gear units according to the Stoeckicht principle. With this design, the unsupported sun wheel plus the unsupported radially elastic annulus halves effect an equal load distribution on the planets and this in turn produces less wear and tear on the components for extended service life.

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