Voltage optimisation saves energy

March 10th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize


09-an-powerstar-The Powerstar voltage optimisation system is a simple, but extremely effective method of reducing a building’s incoming voltage to around 220 V, the optimum rating for all electrical equipment, by employing an innovative device in series with the main electricity supply. An easy to install solution, capable of delivering guaranteed electricity savings, the technology is being embraced by many organisations, with installations throughout South Africa including a 2 MVA unit at the headquarters of the government’s education department in Pretoria. The company’s range of voltage optimisation systems is said to deliver average savings of 12 to 15% with typical payback periods of three to five years. The range includes both LV and HV solutions. The LV products are installed in series with the existing LV switch gear, while the HV equipment replaces the existing HV transformer on site, with savings derived from the use of an efficient amorphous-core low-loss transformer, as well as savings generated by voltage optimisation itself. The products have a ten year warranty and are supported by the official distributor in South Africa.

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