Providing permanent geolocation addresses

December 20th, 2012, Published in Articles: PositionIT

South African location-based tech start up Waytag is pursuing outside investment in order to capitalise on growing market opportunities. Instead of using the traditional long-winded physical address details of a location, Waytag takes GPS co-ordinates and turns them into a one-word location tag named plainly in a few words. Because Waytag users can name, update and manage their own location ID, they can decide who they want to be able to see it and who they want to share it with. The demand for the technology is enormous, given the massive growth of internet-connected and GPS-enabled devices worldwide. With 260-million smartphones in the 20 countries with the biggest smartphone penetration alone, consumers are increasingly demanding simple and practical communication, navigation and social solutions. The company is working with strategic partners to provide the benefits of the technology across the globe. After successfully securing a content and mapping agreement with TomTom earlier this year, Waytag’s database currently includes content for more than 21,5-million businesses in 106 countries. The company’s current drive for new funding will enable it to expand the services and features it offers to its rapidly growing customer base across Africa, the Far East and Europe.

Contact Nicholas Bednall, Waytag, Tel 083 375-1626,

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