Web-based solution for real-time process information

February 6th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: EngineerIT


yokogawa-89-02-toolsYokogawa Electric Corporation announces the release of fast/tools R10,01 – the latest version of a web-based real-time operations management and visualisation software package for real-time process information. This solution introduces architectural features which enhance efficiency and security and improve the operational agility of remote process management infrastructure. The introduction of more smart devices, with 200 parameters per device now the norm, and the current trend toward consolidating operations across dispersed assets over large geographical areas, has resulted in mind boggling quantities of data. Some striking numbers emerge: only 5% of this data is transferred into meaningful information, only 10% is relationally structured, and more than 50% is of poor quality. The requirements for an enterprise-wide operations management solution drive the need for collaboration and information sharing across different platforms, systems, geographies, and corporate networks. The software provides a transparent environment which integrates multi-tier architectures and a variety of sources which can be accessed and shared globally across several enterprise levels, empowering companies to create enterprise-wide information management centres using fast/tools for high-scale deployment.

Contact Elmarie Krugel, Yokogawa, Tel 011 831-6300, elmarie.krugel@za.yokogawa.com

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