Website offers free addressing service

February 5th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

A new South African website was recently launched with the goal to help people find their way, whether they are just travelling down the road or on a long journey. Overhere ( provides a free service that enables people to share and interpret physical addresses in only six to seven characters, called Mapcodes. These are all complete addresses with pinpoint accuracy, e.g. J77.NV6 denotes the Sandton City Parking Entrance. Conventional addresses can be difficult to communicate verbally or even in writing (e.g. fitting them on business cards, billboards or email signatures), and they are generally useless in areas without clear street names or numbering. This could have economic and social welfare ramifications. Overhere utilises Mapcodes, an open-source international addressing system that has been in the public domain since 2008, to help visitors to the website generate Mapcodes or interpret their location. Fully integrated into Google Maps, the website also provides driving directions to and between Mapcodes with easy-to-copy direct website links. The website showcases what is possible in a South African context and encourages businesses and individuals to support this key international innovation. Because Mapcodes are open source, their underlying technology is freely available to download and can be integrated into any address-based solution.

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