Wind lidar system accepted for speed assessments

March 3rd, 2014, Published in Articles: PositionIT


zephir-240-03-14-fig1DNV GL has announced that the Zephir 300 wind lidar system has been accepted for use in bankable / finance-grade wind speed and energy assessments with either no or limited on-site net mast comparisons under “benign” conditions. It is the first commercial wind lidar system to achieve accreditation at this level. The system measures wind characteristics onshore and on fixed or floating platforms offshore from just 10 m up to 200 m above the installed position to inform wind regime and quality studies during the development and operation of wind farms onshore and offshore. Every system is uniquely subjected to an industry-approved validation process, part of which occurs at the UK’s Lidar and Sodar test site, ensuring repeatable finance-grade data. The Zephir DM is a dual mode variation of the successful Zephir  300 system. Mounted inside the spinner or on top of the nacelle, the Zephir DM measures wind characteristics in front of or behind a turbine from just 10 m out to 300 m, during the operation of wind farms onshore and offshore. It provides valuable advanced wind data for the optimised performance and alignment of wind turbines, for in-situ power performance measurements, to reduce wind loading on turbine components and for specific troubleshooting applications.

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