Wireless mouse that supports Bluetooth

March 11th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


rf-design-343-03-2014Nordic Semiconductor has announced that the world’s first dual-operating Bluetooth v4.0 and proprietary 2,4 GHz wireless mouse has been launched by  Lenovo Group and benefits in both use cases from Nordic’s  multi-protocol nRF51822 SoCs. This allows consumers to use Lenovo N700 wireless mouse with the latest Windows 8 PCs with Bluetooth v4.0 (that includes Bluetooth low energy/Bluetooth Smart) while retaining wireless compatibility with older Windows 7 PC products that do not support the ULP functionality of Bluetooth v4.0 by plugging in a small proprietary 2,4 GHz plug-in USB dongle included with the product. The Lenovo N700 also doubles up as a state-of-the-art laser presenter, offering a further two: It claims to be the world’s first wireless mouse to be able to automatically remain paired to two separate Bluetooth v4.0 PCs (e.g. desktop/laptop) even though this feature is not yet officially part of the Bluetooth v4.0 specification; and the Lenovo N700 is the first wireless mouse to support the latest Windows 8.1 touch gesture functionality.

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