The world’s largest steam turbine

June 1st, 2015, Published in Articles: Energize


tumblr_inline_np1bk3IeCx1qzgziy_540Over the last year, GE engineers have been testing the largest, most efficient and most powerful gas turbine in the world. At 400-tonne the 9HA turbine weighs as much as a Boeing 747 filled to the brim and, when paired with a steam turbine, can generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 600,000 homes. The company says that it can convert natural gas into electricity at 61% efficiency, and that it can go from cold to full power in less than 30 minutes. The first 9HA turbine was built for the French utility Électricité de France (EDF). It will travel to EDF’s power plant in Bouchain in northwest France in June by road and by barge. the company estimates that the two-week trip, which will have the massive turbine mounted on a platform the length of a football field, will be one of the largest road transports in Europe’s history. The company says it has $1-billion in orders for this new turbine.

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