Middelburg branch focuses on energy-reducing measures

July 31st, 2012, Published in Articles: Energize

The coal sector is being confronted by the same pressure to reduce energy costs as other mining sectors and Zest WEG group’s Middelburg branch is fielding an increasing number of customer requests to assess their mining operations and plants and recommend energy-reducing measures. In line with the Zest WEG group operating philosophy, large projects are co-ordinated by the group project team. The branch offers support during the project and once these projects have been successfully commissioned, the Middelburg branch continues its support to customers with technical backup. Service and technical personnel, together with the branch’s delivery vehicles, are on standby on a 24/7 basis. Technicians are equipped to impart basic training on VSD programming at customer sites and more advanced training is available through the VSD training centre at the Zest WEG group’s headquarters in Johannesburg or, by arrangement, at customer sites. When Middelburg was established five years ago, opportunities were  identified to supply world class products not only to the local coalfields, but also to the burgeoning platinum mines on the Eastern limb and other mining operations further afield. Success to date has proved that we’re providing a very necessary service in this region.

Large stockholding has played an important role in the Zest WEG group’s success over the years and the Middelburg branch is no different, holding more than double the stock than that of any other supplier in the region. With motors up to 330 kW and VSDs up to 355 kW it makes it possible to deliver to customers ex-stock, allowing a fast response to customer needs. Zest WEG group Middelburg is an enthusiastic participant in the Group’s corporate social investment (CSI) and community development initiatives. In line with the Group’s policy of skills upliftment, the branch recently sponsored new technology for various training centres in the region. This year the group’s CSI team decided to extend the reach of our assistance beyond Johannesburg, with a focus on the rural areas and, as part of the MNet Cares Touch Africa initiative, we’ve become focused on supporting literacy initiatives in our region. After identifying a needy school, we’re now building a library and supplying reading material and computers for its learners.

Contact Jamie Wilson, Zest Weg Group, Tel  011 723-6000, jamiew@zest.co.za

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