Radically rethinking South Africa’s mining operations

  Depressed commodity prices, the continuing economic downturn and pervasive illegal mining activities, have been hitting South Africa’s mining sector hard. Cost cutting plans, retrenchments and even mine closures are the order of the day. While stimulating commodity prices and resuscitating the global economy are beyond the South African mining industry’s scope, the sector has […]

Renewable energy bid selection and allocation criteria in SA flawed

  The current bid selection criteria of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP) programme’s narrow evaluation and spatial blindness favours projects that are not necessarily the least-cost option for renewable energy at the point of consumption. This not only impacts energy costs for Eskom, and therefore for consumers, but also creates transmission congestion […]

Power integrity: identifying possible sources of supply noise

  Thanks to the continued fulfilment of Moore’s Law and the explosion of the affordable microcontroller we all enjoy a wide variety of electronic products packed with ever increasing functionality and features. These modern feature-rich products require better quality DC power to operate than their predecessors did. One of the burdens that designers of these […]