Stay on the grid and achieve a smarter energy future with Schneider Electric

  Information from Schneider Electric SA The world’s traditional electrical network – simple and linear, with centralised energy production and passive consumption – is undergoing a transformation to a much more complex, interconnected, and interactive model: the smart grid. “However, for this network to become intelligent, users will require connectivity, simplicity and security. They will […]

Two new Fluke thermal imagers available

  Information from Comtest Fluke, represented locally by the Comtest Group, has introduced two new thermal imagers, the Ti105 and TiR105 – the latest addition to Fluke’s series of lightweight, rugged, and easy to use imagers – specifically designed for use by maintenance professionals. The Ti105 and TiR105 offer the popular Fluke IR-Fusion technology feature, […]

A world in transformation

Information from ABB Around 130 years ago a technical revolution took place that was to be a vital step in the development of modern society: the commercial generation, transmission and usage of electrical energy. This article takes the reader back to the early days when pioneers Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse were competing for the […]