Crisis? What crisis?

  by Hannes Roos, AMEU Most South Africans are inconvenienced by power interruptions at some time, and may believe that there is a crisis in the supply of electricity, but are unsure what caused it, where it is, or what can be done about it.  Wikipedia describes a “crisis” as any event that is, or is […]

The IRP revisited: Energy modelling in our new reality

  by Johan van den Berg, SAWEA The Integrated Resource Plan is the twenty year energy blueprint that determines broadly the energy mix of the country for the long term. But does it reflect a fundamentally transformed energy reality? Wind energy was procured in Round 3 of the REIPPPP process at an average of 74c/kWh, while […]

How to be smart about smart

by Rob Stephen The advent over the past ten years or so of intelligent devices which can be deployed on the electrical generation and distribution system has led to many benefits or potential benefits being considered. As a result large investments in so-called smart devices has taken place in many utilities with varying degrees of […]

Celebrating a renewable success

by Davin Chown, SAPVIA It’s time for South Africa to celebrate a major win. With the announcement of the successful bidders in bid window 3 of the REIPPP behind us, we should reflect on what the renewable energy industry has achieved over the last two to three years through the REIPPP process. With close to […]