Control and protection for power converters

  LEM manufactures transducers which provide control and protection to power converters and inverters which regulate energy to the electric motors for propulsion and to the auxiliaries for air-conditioning, heating, lighting, electrical doors, ventilation, etc., for rail transportation applications. The company is also able to provide on-board or substation monitoring of DC power consumption via […]

Dual display controllers for industrial applications

  Instrotech is offering three dual display controllers to industry under the Calog brand. The Dual-CTR counter/rate batching controller is an advanced controller with three independent counters with quadrature sensors for rate monitoring and batching applications, featuring intelligent count modes where users can choose from a variety of smart formulae to suit the application, and dual […]

Optical sedimentation sludge sensor

  Krohne introduces the Optisys SLM 2100 optical measuring system for sedimentation profile measurement and continuous tracking of sludge blanket. It allows for reliable tracking of sedimentation layers in industrial and municipal applications, e.g. in sedimentation basins of power plants, waterworks etc., as well as sludge blanket measurement in clarifiers and sludge thickeners in sewage […]

Radiation meter for recycling and scrap markets

  The RadEye PRD is the next generation of advanced radiation meters. Thermo Scientific’s newest personnel radiation detector (PRD) was developed in response to a growing need for smaller, more compact detectors which have even more sensitivity to unwelcome radioactive sources. The unit is a high-performance measuring device designed to be used in conjunction with a […]