Cost-effective dosing control valve

Mitech’s locally designed and manufactured dosing control valves accurately dose reagents into the flotation process in ring main dosing systems. Especially designed for each application, the valves monitor the process, reduce reagent costs and eliminate human error. The valves continuously monitor the dosing state with a 15 min. feedback. The medium is continuously circulated reducing […]

Magno-inductive flow meter for heat exchangers

  Ifm electronic’s SM Series Magmeter is designed to reliably detect the flow rate of conductive media up to 50 l/m in the SM7 series or even 100 l/m in the SM8 variant. The unit’s stainless steel, mechanically-robust design is mounted in-line providing a compact, low-profile installation for process control. The sensor display includes a […]

Pressure booster for LNG exploration

  Rand Air, a local company in the global Atlas Copco group, has introduced the Hurricane Booster for use in a number of applications such as oil and gas mineral exploration sites off the east coast of Africa. The booster can operate at various pressures, and is not limited to one preset pressure. The booster […]

Adjustable, diffusing coal valve

  Combustion Technology offers the NT Series coal valve to balance coal pipes while also maintaining or creating a more homogenous coal distribution in the coal/air stream of the coal pipe, which is essential for optimising combustion.  The use of the NT valve allows for reduced NOx, unburned carbon in ash and CO, as well as […]