Pulverised coal sampler optimises combustion

  M&W Asketeknik offers the PFS-A, a portable instrument designed for sampling and measuring the flow of pulverised coal in fuel pipes between mills and burners, in accordance with ISO 9931. The sampler is introduced into the fuel pipe through an airlock (dustless connection) and the coal sample is collected in an exchangeable container attached […]

Global technical centre for high-power engines

  Cummins has begun construction of a global technical centre for its high-power engine business co-located within the Seymour Engine Plant in close proximity to 22 test cells dedicated to engine research and development work for mining, rail, oil and gas, marine, power generation and industrial applications. The technical centre and the ongoing expansion of […]

Watertube boilers production capacity doubled

  John Thompson, the power division of ACTOM, is currently expanding its industrial watertube boilers production capacity in expectation of increased export demand for the product. The R30-million expansion, involving investment in new production plant and factory space, along with the employment of additional production staff, commenced in January and is due to be completed […]