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Making smart grids smart, makes smart cities smarter

Today’s energy challenges are causing modern cities to curtail their dependence on traditional energy sources and adopt smart grid technology. Smart grid is the effective digitisation of field assets and respective communication of an electrical grid and water infrastructure into a central digital management system that manages grid control systems such as Protection devices with […]

Evolving 4IR technologies and digital substations

The world of electrical energy provision is transforming at a rapid pace. The convention of centralised generation, transmission and distribution is fast changing with the ever-increasing adoption of renewable generation technologies, battery energy storage and new electric applications, such as electric transport. Until now the generation of electrical power has been managed to meet the […]

Energy storage on municipal grids: Why this makes sense

Any cost-conscious electricity consumer will always be on the lookout for ways to optimise their energy use and reduce the money paid for the service. Driven by tariff structure design, the real costs have always been, and remain dependent on the profile of the load. The more “peaky” the load, the more it costs to […]

Electrical master planning for the fourth industrial revolution

Smart cities, driven by the fourth industrial revolution (4th IR), seems to be the buzzword in infrastructure development and procurement today – but what informs these decisions, and are we making smart ones? Existing methodologies are outdated and not sufficient to address long-term planning for the ever-changing power system. A modern methodology for developing a […]

Relevant skills required to survive and thrive in the fourth industrial revolution

The fourth industrial revolution is characterised by technologies which are blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres, commonly referred to as cyber-physical systems. The rapid technological innovations associated with the fourth industrial revolution will change the way we interact with the world and revolutionise the very nature of the work we currently […]

Low cost intelligent outage management

The City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) is the industrial hub of Gauteng, contributing 8,8% of the national economy. Strengthening its industrial competitiveness is a priority for the CoE. Africa’s largest and busiest airport also fall within its boundaries. It is home to approximately 3,5-million people, with 18,7% of the approximately 1,3-million households in CoE being informal […]

IoT-based smart grid communication for metropolitan electricity distribution networks

Smart grid technology has emerged due to a need for electricity grids that can accommodate changes in the ways humans generate, transfer, distribute and use electrical energy with energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions in mind. To address this need, utilities have to shift their focus to consumer participation, renewable electricity generation and storage accommodation, […]

Challenges of planning future high voltage power system networks

Steady growth and development in South Africa have led to increased demand for electricity and hence the expansion of electric power networks and an evolution to the current power system network. To date, there have been several planning challenges, both technical and non-technical, many of which still persist. It is predicted that there is a […]

Early detection of impending failure in HV cable terminations

In a case study municipal substation, there has been prevalent failures of 88 kV cable terminations after 29 years in operation. All failed terminations were forensically investigated and the failure mechanisms within the cable termination were identified. Furthermore, an online data logging system had been installed in order to record the terminations operating parameters. In […]