Lessons learnt from recent emergencies and blackout incidents

  Large disturbances which interrupt supply to customers over wide areas occur every now and then despite best practices and efforts in planning and operating the power grid. These disturbances are usually unpredictable, and they often result in interruptions to customers and damage to power system infrastructure followed by a lengthy restoration process, with serious […]

The grid-connected microgrid: local network of the future?

  The microgrid had its origin in off-grid applications which comprised of several generation sources, having all the features of smart grid was able to balance supply and demand. The development of advanced microgrid controllers has facilitated connection of microgrids to the main grid and lead to an increase in possible applications of grid tied […]

Optimising energy management and consumption

  The drying and processing of wood is a process that requires a lot of energy. Holzwerke Weinzierl in Germany nevertheless manages to generate more power than it consumes. The basis for this achievement is a modern energy management system that uses power measurement I/O terminals and embedded PCs to make the plant’s energy use […]

Safety and portability in circuit breaker testing

  A high voltage circuit breaker is the most important component of a HV substation as it has the crucial task of removing the fault, no matter what the fault current is. Even a nominal current could be difficult to open as 2000 A on a 380 kV line would equate to approximately 500 MW […]

New power quality issues in distribution networks

  The increasing application of energy savings devices, the move towards the smart grid and the increasing appearance of distributed generation as well as own generation using inverters has all impacted energy usage, and at the same time has brought about new challenges in the field of power quality. The primary concern is the increase […]

Gas-insulated transmission lines: the next generation of power transmission?

High voltage underground cables for power transmission have been in use for many years and number of different technologies have developed over the years. Solid insulation cables have limits when it comes to the voltage that can be carried safely, and oil impregnated paper cable are also limited in the capacity. Gas insulated transmission lines […]

Converter transients imposed on HVDC converter transformers

  High voltage direct current (HVDC) line commutated converter (LCC) systems have been in operation for over 50 years. At present there are more than 100 systems in operation transmitting more than 100 000 MW of power. Converter transients, imposed on HVDC converter transformers, can produce voltages and currents which result in equipment failure. The […]