Engineers@Leisure: Bletchley Park – A stately home with secrets

  To many people, when looking back on the Second World War, images appear in their mind’s eye of bombed cities, of dogfights during the Battle of Britain and of U-boats wreaking havoc amongst the Atlantic convoys. To South Africans it is probably the tank battles in the deserts of Cyrenaica, where the Allies took […]

Engineers@Leisure: Engineer onboard the Queen Mary 2

  It has always been one of my bucket list items to sail on an ocean liner into the blue yonder. So, when I saw an advert that the Queen Mary 2 (QM2) would be docking at Cape Town on route to Sydney, Australia, I knew this was my opportunity. The decision came easy. I […]

Engineers@Leisure: On the ancestral trail – Part 2

  by Mike Rycroft After meeting some of our “long-lost” family on our ancestral trail through the UK, our scheduled port of call was Birkenhead, our paternal homeland, where my sister Wendy and I located a number of surviving aunts and cousins. Leaving King’s Heath in Birmingham, we travelled south to join the M25 ring […]

Engineers@Leisure: On the ancestral trail (Part 1)

  by Mike Rycroft With only a keypad-based mobile phone and printed maps, without the benefits of the internet or GPS, an intrepid brother and sister team ventured into the interior of darkest Britain… Please download the pdf

Engineers@Leisure: A century of fine music

  by Dr. Avril Rubinstein, JMS The Johannesburg Musical Society (JMS), the oldest musical society in South Africa, was established in 1902. The Anglo-Boer war had just ended and the burgeoning city of Johannesburg was attracting people of taste and education from all over the world. Initially a society for musical amateurs, the JMS grew […]