Blockchain, still hype, needs more time to mature

In a new book “The real business of Blockchain”, the authors allude to Blockchain as one of the most revolutionary technologies today which has the potential to unlock existing value and to create new value. However, they warn that in its current state Blockchain, from an enterprise perspective, is still young and evolving and far […]

The millimetre bands are useless! Are they?

From the dawn of radio by Marconi and others, some segments of the radio spectrum were declared of no real value. The high frequency (HF) bands (shortwave) first earned this “useless position” because long and medium waves were considered the only frequencies of value. Then, radio amateurs pioneered international communications on shortwave and before long […]

Emerging technology: Conversational user interfaces

While most of us dislike talking to machines, the era of conversational user interfaces is here. How often don’t we mutter “I really would like to speak to a real person.” Well, don’t be surprised if the answer comes back, “I maybe a bot but I can answer your questions and solve your problems. Try […]

Compromising on software outsourcing may lead to disaster

It remains a mystery at the heart of Boeing’s 737 Max crisis, how a company renowned for meticulous design, made seemingly basic software mistakes leading to two deadly crashes. Peter Robison at Bloomberg recently wrote “Longtime Boeing engineers say the effort was complicated by a push to outsource work to lower-paid contractors. The Max software, […]