Energize: Features


In every issue of Energize there are four main sections, covering all aspects of electric power and energy:

  • Renewable energy
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Generation
  • Application


Renewable energy: Wind turbine technology developments

Design and manufacture; wind farms and wind-power systems; associated regulation, protection, control and automation systems; measurement, logging and prediction systems, recovery and recycling.

Transmission and Distribution: Smart grid developments

Power system and substation monitoring, control and automation systems; DCS and SCADA systems; data communication and telecontrol systems; protection schemes, relays and testing; metering and remote meter reading systems.

Generation: Energy storage systems

Storage system applications, electrochemical storage systems, reversible fuel cells, super-capacitors, kinetic and potential energy storage systems, advanced battery technologies; pumped water storage (PWS) systems; gravity storage.

Application: Water and wastewater applications

Water desalination systems; operation, condition monitoring, maintenance and repair of pumps, motors and associated drives; energy recovery in water reticulation systems; solar powered water pumping; irrigation system pump motors and controls.


Renewable energy: Biofuel power generation systems

Biomass, biogas from landfill, municipal and agricultural waste; ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, maize and sugar to liquid fuel plants; co-firing and multi-fuel boilers and gas engines; generation of heat and power from forestry, agricultural, sugar cane, pulp.

Transmission and Distribution: AC overhead lines

Towers, conductors and line hardware, ABC systems and components; construction, testing and maintenance of lines; testing, maintenance, protection, and safety equipment and systems; autoreclosers, line sectionalisers, disconnect switches, fault passage indicators; optical ground wire.

Generation: Coal-fired power plants

Boilers, supercritical and hypercritical boiler systems, steam turbines, generators, condensers, cooling towers and heat exchangers; mechanically driven equipment and associated drives; coal and ash material handling systems.

Application: Chemical and petrochemical industry applications

Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof electrical and instrumentation systems; electrical installations at chemical and petrochemical plants; EV charging on retail fuel forecourts, or at potentially hazardous industrial sites.


Renewable energy: Solar thermal power generation systems

Planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of solar thermal power generation systems;  heat storage systems; geothermal power generation systems; ground source heating and cooling systems; solar heating and cooling systems.

Transmission and Distribution: Substations

Design, installation, maintenance and operation of outdoor and indoor substations; busbar systems and insulators; system protection schemes; CTs and VTs; substation automation, mobile substations; protection relays, substation switchgear and apparatus; copper theft prevention; mini substations.

Generation: Nuclear power generation plants

Construction, management, operation and maintenance; new nuclear power developments; small modular nuclear reactors; nuclear waste management, transport, recycling and disposal; pollution control and environmental protection; associated plant and equipment; hybrid power.

Application: Transportation applications

Traction motor design and repair, power converters for electric traction; traction transformers, electric and hybrid vehicles, mine electric locomotives, batteries and chargers; forklifts and container handlers.


Renewable energy: Ground-based photovoltaic (PV) systems

Mounting systems, trackers, inverters, cabling, earthing and lightning protection; panel cleaning systems, dirt monitors; centralised and distributed inverters; advanced inverter design and operation; energy monitoring; security and personnel safety.

Transmission and Distribution: Power transformers

Power transformer components, materials and accessories; windings, insulation materials, insulators and bushings; tap changers and associated equipment; power transformer operation, condition monitoring and testing techniques and equipment; transformer oil testing, analysis and treatment.

Generation: Co-generation power plants

Small steam turbines and alternator sets; industrial waste heat and waste product-fired boilers; fuel sources and fuel handling; waste gas systems, furnace off-gas and industrial biogas; heat recovery and steam generation systems.

Application: Hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities

Energy requirements for healthcare facilities, electrical, hot water, sterile airconditioning, high heat (autoclaves, sterilisation equipment); medical electrical equipment: principles, installation, operation and maintenance.


Renewable energy: Hybrid power generation systems

Planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of hybrid systems; combined wind, hydro, pumped storage, solar PV, concentrating solar, energy storage, diesel, gas or biomass power and heat generation systems.

Transmission and Distribution: Microgrid and embedded energy systems

Microgrid controllers; planning and design; grid connection, generation and dispatch management; network energy storage and dispatch; safety and current flow protection and control.

Generation: Hydro-power plants

Turbines, generators, pumped water storage (PWS) systems; installation of pumps, run-of-river hydropower systems; hydropower plant control, monitoring, management and maintenance; ocean (wave) power.

Application: Commercial, industrial and residential building applications

Management of energy in buildings; energy efficient building services; green buildings and building management systems; energy efficient lighting; load and process cycle shifting; energy auditing and tariff impact studies; power quality management; demand side energy management.


Renewable energy: Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems

Tower, parabolic, trough and Fresnell mirror CSP systems; combined thermal and CSP power stations; heat storage systems; design, construction and funding; cost and tariff calculations.

Transmission and Distribution: Switchgear equipment and operator protection

Medium and high voltage switchgear; air insulated, gas insulated and solid insulated switchgear, metal clad switchgear, SF6 insulated switchgear, vacuum circuit breakers, contactors, isolators, fused isolators, fuse gear; switchgear testing and maintenance techniques and systems; protective gear.

Generation: Fixed and mobile standby and temporary power generation systems

Diesel and gas engine powered generators; containerised and mobile generator sets; power farms; monitoring, protection, automation, control and synchronisation; power rental systems.

Application: High reliability power supply for critical operations

UPS systems, standby power supplies (SPS), rectifiers, inverters and batteries; hybrid UPS/SPS systems; remote monitoring and control of UPS/SPS systems; lightning and surge protection; power quality and quality-of-supply auditing; power quality monitoring, reporting and management systems.


Renewable energy: Photovoltaic (PV) technology developments

PV panel technology developments and manufacture; multilayer panels, concentrated PV, thin-film, crystalline PV; recovery and recycling of PV panels; localisation of the industry; efficiency and cost reduction.

Transmission and Distribution: Distribution transformer design and application

Oil insulated and dry-type distribution transformers; pole mount and pad mount transformers; tap changers and associated equipment; distribution transformer maintenance testing and repair.

Generation: Gas fired power generation systems

Open-cycle gas (OCG) and combined-cycle gas (CCG) systems; combined heat and power (CHP) plants; reciprocating gas engine plant; tri-generation systems; heat recovery and use; processes to improve generating efficiency.

Application: Industrial power quality management systems

Load profile and quality of supply metering, active and reactive power demand, voltage control systems; power quality management systems; dip and sag ride through systems; industrial power factor correction, harmonic filters.


Renewable energy: Off-grid renewable energy power systems

Planning, design, installation, operation and maintenance of systems for electrification of rural villages, schools and clinics; systems for rural off-grid electrification; off-grid power supply systems for telecoms, mines etc.; wind, solar, mini-hydro, biomass, fuel cell, etc.; energy storage systems.

Transmission and Distribution: Power cable design and application

Single-core and multi-core power cables for transmission and distribution; power cable accessories, terminations, and connections; testing and fault location techniques and equipment; jointing and terminating systems; cable theft prevention schemes and equipment.

Generation: Clean coal power generation technologies

Emission control systems; carbon capture and storage systems; underground coal gasification; pre- and post-combustion systems; flue gas scrubbing systems; electrostatic precipitators; particulate filters.

Application: Manufacturing and processing industry applications

Fixed and variable speed drives; motor control centres (MCCs) and motor control applications; processing, control and energy management systems; energy efficiency; demand-side energy management; factory environmental control systems, energy efficient cooling and cold storage.


Renewable energy: System modelling and analysis

Energy demand, load profile and consumption studies; industrial, commercial and domestic service connections; consumption metering; revenue protection systems; net metering and feed-in systems and tariffs.

Transmission and Distribution: Power quality measurement systems and services

Transmission line shunt and series capacitor banks, reactors and associated protection relays and schemes; static var compensators (SVCs) and other FACTS devices and equipment; large harmonic filters and associated system studies; step voltage regulators.

Generation: Generating plant maintenance and repair

Maintenance, repair and refurbishment of turbines, engines, alternators, furnaces, boilers and ancillary equipment; testing, condition monitoring and asset management.

Application: Industrial energy management and energy saving technologies

Demand-side management; load shifting and load control; industrial process control and expert control systems; energy efficiency, rectifiers, controlled rectifiers, rectifier transformers and electrolytic processes; intrinsically safe and explosion-proof electrical and instrumentation systems.


Renewable energy: Rooftop PV systems

Own generation PV rooftop systems; inverters, protection equipment, grid connections, net-metering, battery storage systems, standards and legislation; monitoring and control systems; safety and security of personnel and equipment.

Transmission and Distribution: MV distribution systems

MV distribution and distribution boards, circuit breakers and protection; arc flash protection equipment and systems; earthing and lightning protection; reticulation for commercial buildings, office parks, sports stadiums and campuses, housing estates and complexes.

Generation: Power plant planning, operation, maintenance and protection

Power plant project planning; power plant control and instrumentation systems; PLC, DCS and SCADA systems; field instrumentation; generator protection relays and systems; power plant maintenance, testing, condition monitoring and asset management; load-following control systems.

Application: Mining, metals and minerals applications

Drives;  conveyor and stacker reclaimer systems; energy recovery systems; containerised and mobile switchgear units; arc and induction furnaces; voltage control systems for dip and sag ride-through; energy efficiency; underground hazardous gas and environmental monitoring.


Renewable energy: Utility scale photovoltaic (PV) power systems

PV panel technology, developments and manufacture; frames, structures, support and hardware; trackers, inverters, balance of plant equipment, monitoring and control systems; mounting systems, cables and connector boxes; security and safety equipment and systems.

Transmission and Distribution: High voltage DC transmission

HVDC power transmission, lines, towers and line hardware; HVDC light cable systems and hardware, HVDC converter equipment and systems; outdoor HVDC substations, switchgear and apparatus; safety equipment and practices.

Generation: Generator and alternator technology

Design and manufacture; alternator cooling systems; two-pole and mutipole systems; stator and rotor rewinds; upgrade and modernisation; equipment life extension, failure mechanisms and protection systems.

Application: Large electrical motors and drives

Energy efficient motor design; MV variable speed drives; design, operation, protection, maintenance and repair of synchronous, squirrel cage and wound rotor induction motors and drives; motor starters and soft start systems for large motors; motor protection systems; motor rewinds.