EngineerIT features: Automation and Control


January: Control room design and setup; situation awareness monitoring systems; integration of automation and process control in the enterprise; dashboard applications – factory, boardroom, mobile; man-machine interface

Integration of automation and process control within the enterprise IT system; dashboard applications; man-machine interface and innovative visual engineering; networking and data communications in PC, PLC and DCS-based control systems and SCADA applications; open control systems; IT architecture/network hierarchies and interfacing between layers; ERP, MRP, MIS, MES and IRP and other business IT systems; situation awareness systems.

February: Industrial computers; data acquisition and IoT; digital and embedded automation and control; big data management

Industrial computers; digital control system design, techniques and analytical methods; digital controllers and control systems; DSP-based controllers and systems; self-tuning and adaptive controllers; discrete time applications in automation and process control; industrial, military and other applications; embedded automation and control; big data management for reducing cost and increasing output; IoT for condition monitoring and preventative maintenance.

March: SCADA applications in industrial automation and process control; wireless applications; IoT for automation

PC, PLC, DCS and SCADA systems; on/off, continuous and discrete time control; batch control applications; measurement and control of temperature, pressure, flow, level, pH, speed and other process variables; linear and non-linear closed-loop controllers; MMIs, displays and data entry terminals; IoT and automation.

April: Intelligent building automation; energy monitoring and management; case studies; dashboards and public information systems

Automated HVAC, lighting and comfort control; automation in power and energy management; building automation, sensors and SCADA systems; building fieldbuses, networks and data communications; emergency management, security and access control; asset and people tracking; time and attendance systems.

May: Artificial intelligence in process automation; robotics in automation and control; collaborative robots; mining, automotive and food processing; specialised precision automation and control; motor control; predictive maintenance and augmented reality; machine learning for smart manufacturing

Application of robotics across the automation and control industry; precision motion, position and speed control for critical applications; DSP control applications; motor control and automation technologies; micro-machine, servo-motor and stepper-motor control; fixed and variable speed AC and DC drives and multi-motor drives; mine automation and communication applications;  machine learning for smart manufacturing.

June: Automation and control project management; Industry 4.0 and open standards; system modelling and simulation; projects using various GUI software platforms

Methods and techniques for automation and control project management; modelling and simulation of automation and control systems; CAD and GUI design tools and software platforms for automation and control applications in electrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical, economic and other disciplines and systems; Industry 4.0 and open standards.

July: Asset management and enterprise integration; RFID technologies and applications; overall equipment efficiency; plant design

Integration with the corporate enterprise; RFID technologies for ID, real-time monitoring and control of products, personnel, vehicles and containers; RFID for security and electronic payment applications; asset tracking; overall equipment efficiency (OEE); plant design.

August: Sensors, valves and actuators in automation and feedback control systems

Pressure, temperature, level, flow, pH, position, linear and angular displacement; velocity, acceleration, mass, force, torque and other measurement and feedback control systems; conventional and wireless sensors; motorised, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and valves; electrical to pneumatic/hydraulic converters; sensors to enhance condition monitoring and preventative maintenance.

September: Practical implementation and maintenance of automation and control systems; preventative maintenance; automation applications in mining and other industries

Installation, testing, calibration, tuning and commissioning of automation and control systems; performance and condition monitoring; maintenance and asset management; predictive maintenance; project planning and management; life cycle and compatibility issues, upgrades and system integration; benefits of automation and control systems.

October: Wired and wireless data communications, telemetry and networking; interfacing and systems integration; M2M communication; Ethernet for automation applications

Wired and wireless I/O devices and intelligent field devices; PLCs, PCs and RTUs for local automation and control; process computers, SCADA and MIS systems; wired and wireless data networks, fieldbuses, PLC networks and Ethernet; integration with business IT systems, intranets and internet; communication protocols, standards and compatibility; high-speed and long-distance wireless applications for smart cities, smart grids, oil and gas; Ethernet in automation.

Nov/Dec: Multi-disciplinary automation and control systems; robotics and applications in the motor and other industries; robotic process automation and business process automation.

Multi-disciplinary automation and control systems and projects, including electrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical, industrial, civil, mining, military, business and economics sectors; robotic applications and projects in automotive and other manufacturing industries; RPA, business process automation.