EngineerIT features: Electronics


January: Nanotechnologies; nanocrystaline LEDs, application of graphene in electronics

Application of nanotechnology in electronics; enclosures for electronics equipment, racks and hazardous areas; enclosure standards; the use of graphene in the development of new generation electronic components.

February: Automotive electronics; wireless power transfer (WPT); fast-charging systems for electrical cars, the connected car, computerised vehicle controls; in car entertainment and communication systems; in-vehicle IP networks

WPT; industrial automotive electronics; GPS and on-board computers; LEDs in the automotive sector; vehicle alarm and security monitoring systems; embedded comfort control systems; in-car audio and video entertainment systems; internet and cell phone connectivity and hands-free communication systems; electric vehicles and associated battery charging systems; electronics for the connected car; IoT for vehicles; in-vehicle IP-networks.

March: Circuit and PCB design; automatic component selection, placement and soldering; 3D design; prototyping and small production runs

Electronics prototyping and testing services; PCB design, simulation and debugging tools; electronics and PCB manufacturing; in-circuit emulators and other electronic design, simulation and test equipment; prototype testing, routine testing and quality assurance of electronic systems; 3D design, prototyping and small production runs.

April: Power electronic components and systems

Power electronic devices and systems; diodes, thyristors, TRIACs, FETs, MOSFETs, IGBTs and other power electronic devices; rectifiers, solid state relays and switches; power supplies, chargers, converters, inverters, and regulators.

May: EMC/EMI standards and mitigation techniques; RF and HF electronics; embedded systems

RF and HF electronics and EMC/EMI; microwave electronics; ferrites, inductors, capacitors, filters and other HF and RF components; specialised design tools and techniques; shielding, layout and EMC/EMI issues; EMC/EMI standards, mitigation techniques and testing.

June: Programmable electronics; FPGAs and microprocessors; ASIC design and manufacture; solar systems and controllers

Programmable micro and sub-micro electronic devices and applications; programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs), microprocessors and micro-controllers; FPGA applications with embedded microprocessors; ASIC design and manufacture; miniature magnetic resonance machines.

July: Electronics manufacture; component placement and soldering systems; components for electronic manufacturing; enclosures; 3D design

Surface-mount, pick-and-place and other electronic manufacturing techniques; tooling and design for manufacturability; flow-soldering techniques and equipment; multi-layer PCBs; mass production, outsourcing and quality assurance; emerging manufacturing technologies and techniques; smart manufacturing and collaborative robots; enclosures for electronic equipment; 3D design and simulation; digital twins.

August: Battery technology and energy storage, electronic power supplies; renewable power sources including solar and wind power; battery technologies

Electronic power supplies and DC-to-DC converters; batteries and super-capacitor power sources; battery-charging control systems; battery testing equipment and software; batteries for UPS applications; solar and wind power charging systems; inverters, converters, UPS and other standby power systems; batteries and charging systems including zinc-air and lithium-ion.

September: Active electronic devices; optoelectronics and photonic devices and applications; LEDs in lighting and displays

Active electronic devices; transistors and op-amps; A/D and D/A converters, multiplexers and filters; RAM, ROM, EPROM and EEPROM and other memory devices; magnetic, optical and flash memory data storage devices; scanners and displays; optoelectronic and photonic devices and applications; LEDs for lighting, backlighting, monitors, screens and displays; memristors, spintronics and molecular electronics.

October: Lightning and surge protection components for embedded applications; enclosure systems; cables and terminals; power distribution units for cabinets

Surge protection components for in-circuit embedded protection; wiring accessories and enclosures; pushbuttons, manual input switches, DIP switches and keypads; indicator lamps, LED and LCD displays; power, control, signal and isolation relays and optocouplers; edge connectors, plugs, sockets, wire, ribbon and other cables; wire terminations and terminals; PDUs.

Nov/Dec: Embedded systems; specialised chip and FPGA design and customised applications

Embedded systems including specialised analogue, digital and mixed technology chip, device, ASIC and PCB design techniques and applications; FPGA applications; low-power components and devices; high-speed, high-bandwidth analogue and digital technologies; DSPs and high-speed A/D and D/A converters.