EngineerIT features: Measurement and Instrumentation


January: Portable and analytical field instruments; fibre technology and test equipment

Hand-held test devices including multi-meters, waveform generators, scopes, logic and spectrum analysers; thermal imaging devices; field and laboratory analytical equipment; solid, liquid and gas analysers; specific gravity analysers, mass spectrometers, X-ray spectrometers and other chemical analysis instruments.

February: Software-defined measurement systems; instrumentation and enclosures for hazardous and arduous environments; smoke and fire detection

Software-defined measurement systems; flameproof, explosion-proof and intrinsically safe electronic and instrumentation equipment and enclosures for the petro-chemical and coal mining industries; instrumentation for aggressive chemical, high electro-magnetic, temperature, pressure, humidity, pollution, shock, vibration and other arduous environmental conditions; smoke and fire sensors; protective clothing.

March: Sensor technology for IoT implementation; wirelessly connected instrumentation; machine-to-machine (M2M) communication; connectivity between instruments and sensors; data analytics

Wireless industrial instrumentation and wireless connections to instrumentation; wireless measurement techniques; wireless networks and sensors; wireless automation, monitoring and control; wireless data communication; wireless applications in mining and process industries; sensors for IoT implementation and applications; data analysis.

April: Thermal imaging in electrical, maintenance and other applications; optical, laser and acoustic instrumentation and test equipment; management of steam loss

Thermal imaging technologies, systems and applications; camera and video technologies; barcode readers and scanners; video scanning and inspection; pattern recognition and identification systems; laser distance measurement; scanner and printing technologies; photometers and audio test equipment; measuring and mitigating steam loss.

May: Industrial process measurement, instrumentation and applications, including wireless applications; man-to-machine (M2M) communications; virtual inspection systems (video and scanning devices)

Temperature, pressure, humidity, level, flow, pH, conductivity, linear and angular displacement, velocity, acceleration, vibration, mass, force, torque and strain measurement and instrumentation systems; sensors, transducers, transmitters, converters and other instruments; M2M interfaces, displays and data entry terminals; LCD and other displays, chart recorders and data loggers.

June: Calibration, test and measurement equipment and systems; software-defined instruments, test equipment and applications; standards and accreditation

Standards; traceability and accreditation of calibration facilities and equipment; calibration of physical quantities, electrical quantities and process quantities; calibration, test and measurement equipment and systems; software-based virtual instrumentation, test equipment and applications.

July: Thermal imaging devices for industry, utility and the built environment; electrical measurements, meters, test equipment and data loggers; radar measurement equipment for volume measurement

Thermal imaging devices and applications in preventative maintenance; AC and DC voltage and current, active, reactive and apparent power and energy, power factor and frequency measurement equipment, instruments and transducers; resistance, impedance, capacitance and inductance measurements; multi-meters for application in the field, factory and laboratory.

August: Programming software-defined instrumentation; testing and commissioning of instrumentation; automated routine testing; sensors for condition monitoring and breakdown prevention and related security issues

Special purpose and standard test and measurement equipment and systems; type and routine testing procedures and equipment; installation and commissioning tests, procedures and equipment; non-destructive testing and condition monitoring systems and equipment; accelerated life testing.

September: EMC/EMI test and measurement equipment; surge protection for instrumentation systems; EMC compliance and HF noise levels

EMC/EMI test and measurement equipment; oscilloscopes, disturbance recorders, spectrum analysers and quality of supply instruments; AC, DC, impulse, resistance, tan-delta and partial discharge insulation and dielectric test equipment; RFI, fast transient burst and other EMC test equipment; surge protection for instrumentation.

October: Sensors for measurement, instrumentation and control in all industrial applications; sensors in the IoT environment

Temperature, pressure, level and flow sensors; proximity, limit and photoelectric sensors; mark, colour and texture sensors; mass and force sensors, strain gauges and load cells; displacement, velocity and acceleration sensors and encoders; vibration and motion sensors; sensors for environmental monitoring and hazardous gas detection; wireless sensors in environmental control, manufacturing processes, building automation; security applications; IoT and the need for internet enabled sensors.

Nov/Dec: Navigation, surveying, security and military measurement and instrumentation systems; UAVs in measurement applications; thermal imaging technologies

Digital terrain mapping; air, sea and land navigation equipment; radar and sonar measurements and systems; thermal imaging; optical electronic measurement systems and instruments; land surveying and laser distance measurement instruments; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in measurement applications; GPS and satellite tracking systems; security and anti-hijacking equipment.