PositionIT: General

What is PositionIT?

PositionIT – the geoinformatics, surveying, GIS, BIM, mapping, location intelligence and related spatial applications journal for Southern Africa – is a technical journal published by EE Publishers, in print and online, eight times a year, serving these sectors and the wider target audience in Southern Africa.

PositionIT provides a voice for the Geo-Information Society of South Africa (GISSA), the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI), the Institute of Mine Surveyors of Southern Africa (IMSSA), and the South African Geomatics Council (SAGC), the statutory registration body for surveyors and GIS practitioners.

Target audience and fields of interest

The target audience of PositionIT includes:

  • Land surveyors, mine surveyors, engineering surveyors, hydrographers, and remote sensing professionals
  • GIS and geoinformatics practitioners and specialists
  • Cartographers, mappers and photogrammetrists
  • Civil, consulting, construction, mechanical, and electrical engineers, technologists and technicians
  • Surveying, GIS, BIM, engineering and business consultants in the public and private sectors
  • Electricity, water, gas and telecomms utilities and municipalities
  • Business analysts, city planners, township and infrastructure developers
  • Central, provincial and local government GIS and construction professionals, engineers, planners and surveyors
  • Suppliers and users of products, systems and services to these important sectors

The main fields of interest covered in PositionIT are:

  • Surveying and remote sensing, and associated data acquisition products, systems, services and applications
  • Geographic information systems (GIS), data processing and associated products, systems, services and applications
  • Construction design and management software, tools and services
  • Cartography, mapping, data visualisation and presentation products, systems, services and applications
  • Location-based services (LBS), location intelligence, business geo-analysis and associated applications
  • Associated computer and IT hardware, software and peripherals

Availability and circulation

PositionIT is available online, in print, as a eZine, and on Android and iOS apps for download, as well as sent out via a monthly email newsletter.

PositionIT’s print edition is published six times per annum (once every two months as a combined issue), and its print edition is audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC). PositionIT has an audited average monthly circulation of 3738 for the period ending June 2018. As of October 2018, 3197 users have downloaded the PositionIT Android and iOS apps to receive the mobile electronic edition of the magazine.



Mission statement

PositionIT keeps its target audience abreast of technologies, developments, applications and news in their fields of interest, via the publication of original, relevant, high-quality articles, by expert authors, and provides a communication forum for its target audience in Southern Africa. PositionIT’s mission is to be the leading journal in its chosen sector.

Statement of editorial policy

PositionIT publishes market-focused and topical technical and semi-technical articles relevant to its target audience in a lively, attractive and easy-to-read format. PositionIT also reports relevant news, events and details to its target audience, including industry, institute, company, project, product, technology, people and event news, views, comment and opinion. PositionIT aims to publish a sound mix of technical, semi-technical and industry news articles, as well as company and product news articles that are more commercial in nature.

PositionIT is published by EE Publishers (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 458, Muldersdrift, 1747, Gauteng, South Africa
Tel: 011 543-7000: Email: positionit@ee.co.za
Website: www.ee.co.za