PositionIT: Rates & Data


See rates and data below for advertising in the print and e-Zine editions of PositionIT.

Note: An advert booked in the print edition of PositionIT is automatically published in the e-Zine editions of PositionIT as well.

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Advertising rates and data: PositionIT print and e-Zine editions

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Price per insertion, excluding VAT

1 – 2 insertions  Full colour
Full page R22 650
1/2 page, vert/hor/A5 R15 855
1/3 page, vert/hor R13 590
1/4 page R11 325
3 – 5 insertions Full colour
Full Page R20 954
1/2 page, vert/hor/A5 R14 666
1/3 page, vert/hor R12 572
1/4 page, vert/hor R10 476
6 – 10 insertions Full colour
Full Page R19 254
1/2 page, vert/hor/A5 R13 478
1/3 page, vert/hor R11 552
1/4 page, vert/hor R 9 627
11 + insertions              Full colour        
Full Page R18 120
1/2 page, vert/hor/A5 R12 684
1/3 page, vert/hor R10 872
1/4 page, vert/hor R 9 060

Note: For overseas bookings, prices available on quotation and (15%) VAT is chargeable for all bookings from outside SA.

Specifications for supplied artwork

Advertising material can be supplied in JPG, TIF or PDF format, high resolution (300 dpi), with fonts embedded, and in CMYK.
If an A4 advert is designed to bleed off the page, a 5 mm bleed must be added all round.
For files bigger than 8 MB, please contact us.

Advert sizes (For bleed off the page design, request trim and bleed size)

A4 size:
Type size:
260 mm high x 180 mm wide
Trim size: 297 mm high x 210 mm wide
Bleed size: 307 mm high x 220 mm wide

1/2 A4 vert size: 260 mm high x 90 mm wide
1/2 A4 hor size:
130 mm high x 180 mm wide

1/3 page vert size: 260 mm high x 60 mm wide
1/3 page hor size:
80 mm high x 180 mm wide

1/4 page vert strip size: 260 mm high x 40 mm wide
1/4 page landscape strip size:
60 mm high x 180 mm wide

Prices for loose inserts (Only local labels)

1 – 2 sides 80 – 128 gsm A4 paper: R15 370 ex VAT
3 – 4 sides 80 – 128 gsm A4 paper: R20 750 ex VAT
Other paperweights and sizes: On request

Special position and other advertising rates

Front covers: Prices on request
Other special positions IFC, OBC, IBC: Standard rate plus 10% premium.
Bellybands: Note that magazines may have bellybands surrounding the front and back covers. Prices on request.

Note: Special positions are irrevocable bookings.

Bookings and deadlines

Space booking deadline: 15th of the month prior to publication.
Material deadline: 20th of the month prior to publication.

Note: No booking, order or copy instruction received by EE Publishers for the placing of advertising material in the publications may be transferred to or from any other third party, without the prior written consent of
EE Publishers.


No cancellations will be accepted after the space-booking deadline, or without prior written consent and confirmation from EE Publishers. Bookings for special positions are irrevocable, (IFC, OFC, IBC, OBC, centre spreads) and may not be cancelled.

Terms and conditions of sale

All bookings subject to EE Publishers terms of sales at http://www.ee.co.za/about/terms-of-sale