Invitation to attend SANEA’s Carbon Tax Colloquium
The South African National Energy Association (SANEA) extends an invitation to attend its Carbon Tax Colloquium which is
SA biogas conference generates renewed interest
The Southern African Biogas Industry Association (SABIA) hosted its fourth National Biogas Conference at the Agricultura
Fire and gas safety solutions
Complete fire and gas safety solutions providing detection, notification and mitigation in a range of industries are now
No ordinary plastic compression gland
Tufflon compression glands from Pratley are made from a tough engineering plastic unlike ordinary PVC. This renders them
Teaming up for a cleaner environment
The joy of teamwork is evident in the partnership between engineering specialists BMG and entrepreneurs, Agri Arts and C
Electronic instruments in Ex areas
To classify electrical equipment as intrinsically safe, its design must prevent it from being a source or trigger of ign
Showcasing the latest in gas analysis
For the past three decades, the RTS Group has been introducing pioneering solutions to South Africa’s various indu
Amateur radio geostationary satellite to support disaster relief communication
While radio amateurs have been building and operating satellites since 1961, most were in low earth orbits until earlier
Technology enhances entertainment for American resort chain
LA ProPoint, a specialist in entertainment technology, has implemented a new movie theater attraction for the American r
Dual output vibration sensors
CTC is releasing a new line of dual output sensors with a built in RTD: the TR102 and the TR104.  They are specifically