Machine guidance investment upgrades technology fleet insight

Downer, an integrated services company listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges, recently invested in Carlson high precision machine guidance solutions to be deployed across four mine sites in Australia. In total, 27 machine systems will be installed across a fleet of dozers, excavators, drills, and supervisor vehicles to increase productivity and optimise […]

Centralising data silos advances digital transformation

Aveva, a global developer of engineering and industrial software, has launched Unified Operations Center, its command-and-control solution for infrastructure operators such as smart cities and facilities management, and for industries like oil and gas and mining. The solution integrates IT and operational technology (OT) applications in a central hub, enhanced by industry-specific customisations. Built on […]

Digitalised on-the-spot crime mapping and analysis

With South Africa’s murder rate almost six times the global average, South Africans are 13% more likely to be murdered than six years ago. The reduction of crime remains one of the major challenges facing South Africa’s law enforcement agencies. GIS has become a vital tool to facilitate policy and assist forensic investigations through digitalised […]

Cloud processing with human quality control

SimActive Inc. has announced a new drone data processing service based on Correlator3D.  Clients can now upload full projects and have SimActive experts generate optimal results from their imagery, including DSMs, DTMs, 3D models and orthomosaics. As opposed to common cloud-based solutions where outputs are generated automatically and delivered as-is, the new offering includes quality […]

Real-time rendering of complex CAD models

Siemens NX Ray Traced Studio is latest tool to support Nvidia RTX, bringing ray-tracing capabilities and real-time rendering to complex CAD models. This enables professionals to visualise and interact with 3D models and bring complex designs to life. NX Ray Traced Studio together with Z by HP workstations bring the Nvidia Turing architecture’s ray-tracing capabilities […]

Updated 3D mapping portfolio with new website

Orbit Geospatial Technologies launched version 19.7 of its full 3D mapping portfolio with upgrades, along with a new website. The new website provides customers with more insight on solutions to their challenges and which software features can bring instant results. The company specialises in 3D mapping solutions and integrating various reality capture techniques, including mobile […]

Drone software enhances lidar point cloud handling

Virtual Surveyor has enhanced the lidar elevation data handling capabilities in Version 6.4 of its drone surveying and mapping software. The new function enables users to select specific feature classes from classified lidar point clouds before converting the point cloud to a surface terrain. The software bridges the gap between UAV photogrammetric processing applications and […]

High quality untethered VR in backpack

To give creators new ways to leverage VR in their workflows, HP launched its new HP VR Backpack is for both VR creation and consumption. Specifically designed to tackle VR engines including Unreal and Unity, the VR solution provides shading and framerate support for more natural rending. Powered by 8th Gen Intel Core i7 and […]

3D vector maps for the web

Here Technologies has launched the beta release of, a new open source 3D web map renderer. It is a full-fledged vector map renderer built on the latest web technologies. Combining’s immersive visuals with Here Technologies map data will give users a high quality location visualisation experience on the web. Building products like high-definition […]

Pay-per-use cloud service adds CAD software

GeoCloud now runs NanoCAD professional CAD software. The NanoCAD has a familiar interface, powerful drafting and design tools, native DWG compatibility, and an open API. The software family comprises five applications: nanoCAD Plus, Pro, Construction, Mechanica and 3DScan. NanoCAD Plus is an engineering drawing tool with all the necessary basic design tools, direct DWG format […]