Tracking beacons simplifies site record-keeping

Comtest, a local representative of Industrial Scientific, now offers the iAssign Beacon that automatically assigns site names to Ventis Pro Series gas monitors and other compatible products within a defined range. Site assignments change automatically as a Ventis Pro user leaves one defined beacon area and moves to another, simply and accurately connecting users, sites, […]

Transition away from paper-based contractor management

Diversified mining house Anglo American has cited Passport 360 as “a real game changer” in its business across the world. Passport 360 is a cloud-based platform to enhance performance in procurement and onboarding times. It allows for improved visibility with regard to compliance, time and safety, and risk management, resulting in increased productivity. In addition, […]

High-precision GPS/INS enables faster integration

Previously available only as a dual antenna product, the Septentrio AsteRx-i S is now available with either a single or a dual antenna option. This single antenna receiver brings the possibility of robust centimetre positioning and 3D attitude (heading, roll, pitch), while keeping weight and power consumption to a minimum. For customers this means simplified […]

New high-performance drone enters SA market

SkyProwler 2 is the second generation of the professional-grade high-performance multi-mission vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Transformer unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It takes off like a multicopter, picks up speed using its high-powered thruster, and then transitions to winged cruise flight. The multirotor take-off mechanism folds away in-flight giving the craft efficient aerodynamics and speed, […]

Lidar company invests in new office and production facilities

Riegl, a manufacturer of lidar scanners for surveying applications headquartered in Austria, is investing in the expansion of production and office space. The continued, worldwide demand for the high-performance sensors allows the company to grow and expand further. A new office and production facility has started construction at the location of the company’s headquarters in […]

Data model brings new versatility to chart production

Teledyne Caris has released its Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) 4.0. This new version of HPD is designed to support hydrographic offices around the world as they embrace the new S-100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model and explore its many possibilities. Users of HPD 4.0 will be able to augment their existing production environment to support both […]

Drone-software combo for high-precision data acquisition and processing

SenseFly has announces a limited-time offer which combines the SenseFly eBee X with intelligent photogrammetry software from Agisoft Metashape. Until 30 September 2019, customers who purchase an eBee X with a SenseFly SODA 3D, Aeria X or MicaSense RedEdge-MX sensor will receive $1000 off the price of the drone and a six-month Agisoft Metashape Professional […]

New ground control points refine satellite imagery precision

Airbus’ new series of ground control points (GCPs) gives centimetre level accuracy and higher points density. These highly precise 3D coordinates are automatically extracted from Airbus’ high-resolution stereo radar imagery, using a geodesy processor. GCPs are essential for accurate orthorectification of aerial, optical satellite and drone data, as well as precise localisation of ground features, […]

Partnership enables high-quality drone data processing

Professionals gathering rich survey and mapping data with WingtraOne now have the option to process it with the robust software solution, Correlator3D. Developed by SimActive Inc., the software provides survey-grade accuracy and detailed reports, and processes an unlimited number of images, fast, through a user-friendly interface. WingtraOne hybrid VTOL capabilities allows it to take off […]

Mobile mapping for evaluating road expansion

The Traffic Management Bureau of Foshan city China recently used the Kolidak 100 Ultra-light mobile mapping system to evaluate its Deshengdong Road Expansion Project. This roadway as-built acceptance survey recorded an 8,14 km long urban roadway which was already open to traffic. This mobile system was configured with a Velodyne VLP-16 lidar sensor which has […]