Data export feature bridges specifiers and contractors gap

NBS has launched a new feature which enables users of its Chorus specification platform to export a list of submittals from a specification in one click and import them directly into leading common data environments (CDEs). Submittals are an essential part of the construction process, effectively comprising a list of tasks which the contractor must […]

Structured light 3D scanner for industrial design professionals

Faro has announced the availability of the Cobalt Design structured light scanner product family. Structured light scanning technology uses projected light patterns with a camera system to capture large areas at once and, as a result, significantly reduces data capture time and delivers quicker results. Cobalt Design, combined with the recently introduced RevEng software platform, […]

Partnership to develop mining and tunnelling solutions

Geoslam has partnered with the underground equipment manufacturer, Normet. The companies have joined efforts to develop technology and solutions for mining and tunnelling customers to enhance safety, efficiency and quality of sprayed concrete solutions. Process Monitor Live, which uses advanced lidar technology, offers real-time guidance on the thickness of sprayed concrete being applied to the […]

Machine guidance investment upgrades technology fleet insight

Downer, an integrated services company listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges, recently invested in Carlson high precision machine guidance solutions to be deployed across four mine sites in Australia. In total, 27 machine systems will be installed across a fleet of dozers, excavators, drills, and supervisor vehicles to increase productivity and optimise […]

Centralising data silos advances digital transformation

Aveva, a global developer of engineering and industrial software, has launched Unified Operations Center, its command-and-control solution for infrastructure operators such as smart cities and facilities management, and for industries like oil and gas and mining. The solution integrates IT and operational technology (OT) applications in a central hub, enhanced by industry-specific customisations. Built on […]

3D desktop scanner gets macOS support

Scan Dimension, developer of 3D scanning, imaging, and realisation technology, has released a macOS version of its 3D desktop scanner, SOL. Scan Dimension’s SOL is a user-friendly 3D scanner, ideal for the engineer, maker, designer, or hobbyist. Now, customers can use SOL with macOS Mojave. Recently released, the SOL 3D scanner has been receiving praise […]

Investment advances modular construction

Autodesk is investing in Factory_OS, a company that is improving the way to design and build housing that is more affordable. Factory_OS is constructing multi-family housing through an industrialised construction model. The company is bringing the construction job site to the manufacturing shop floor, delivering housing units that are constructed 40% faster, 20% less expensive […]

AI platform investment a step towards digital engineering

Aurecon has invested in artificial intelligence company Elara, which has developed technology to help businesses of all structures and sizes maximise profit. Elara is an artificial intelligence platform that connects to an organisation’s existing digital systems, analysing all data to inform better decisions to enhance profit and cash flow. The investment reinforces the Aurecon’s focus […]

Annotated scans improves survey practices

The ability to overlay georeferenced CAD lines and surfaces and annotate scans live in the field on the Maptek handheld scanner controller allows surveyors and geologists to improve their work practices. These new capabilities help close the loop between plans and as-builts by giving a live guide to survey coverage, ensuring all the required scans […]

Drone used for major boiler inspection

Skyriders Access Specialists deployed its Elios SkyEye confined-space drone for the first time in the large internal space of the back-pass ducting at a major coal-fired power station in Limpopo. The back-pass ducting conveys the hot exhaust gases and fly ash to the precipitators, and ultimately to the smokestack. This space measures 6 m by […]