Survey and GIS software upgrades interface, efficiency and more

Carlson’s latest release of Survey 2020 brings user interface upgrades along with a host of new features and tools to improve day-to-day efficiency. A Migration Wizard for upgrading software as well as sharing settings and files across the office highlights this year’s list of customer centric updates. This new migration tool allows users to install […]

Geospatial company becomes a certified commercial UAV operator

Agizo provides services in geomatics and spatial planning, and has a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals with years of experience in spatial planning, land use management, land surveying and GIS analysis. The need to broaden and improve its services led the company to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a journey it […]

2D fast-mapping software for emergency response

Pix4Dreact is 2D mapping software tailored to the needs of public safety personnel and first responders. Drones are already used to provide visual information that reduces response time and increases safety, but many lack fast-mapping capability. Teams on the ground need quick and reliable aerial insights to plan and deliver operations in remote, complex and […]

Major improvements to airborne urban mapping solution

Leica Geosystems introduced its CityMapper-2, a hybrid oblique imaging and lidar sensor for fast and efficient digitalisation of cities. As part of the company’s RealCity solution, which combines the sensor with the Leica HxMap high-performance processing workflow, the solution is designed to provide faster updates while preserving image quality over a wide range of flying […]

Versatile fixed-wing drone portfolio showcased

Sensefly showcased its dynamic range of fixed-wing drone solutions and sensors at InterGEO 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. The company’s eBee X drone took centre stage at its stand, where surveyors and engineers were able to learn how the technology can be used to map large and small areas faster and more efficiently than with traditional […]

New waveform lidar product range launched

Riegl Laser Systems has launched and showcased an extensive range of waveform lidar products at this year’s InterGEO in Stuttgart, Germany. Its new VQ-780II and VQ-1560II airborne laser scanning systems (with a pulse repetition rate of 2 MHz and 4 MHz respectively) increases productivity for both high-point-density mapping and ultra-wide-area mapping. Furthermore, the VP-1 Helicopter […]

Company’s new division will further HD mapping

Mitsubishi Electric Europe has established the High Precision Positioning Systems Division at its German branch headquarters. The division offers key technologies to accelerate the introduction of centimetre-level autonomous driving and safe driving assistance. These are the mobile mapping system (MMS) and the high-precision AQLOC positioning receiver with centimetre-level accuracy for applications in road and utility […]

New satellite technologies receive development funding

UrtheCast Corp has been selected to receive $2–million from the Canadian Space Agency’s (CSA) Space Technology Development Program (STDP), in two separate agreements of $1–million each, for the development of new satellite technologies. The work is expected to start immediately and will be carried out over the next three years. The first CSA STDP contribution […]

Simultaneous dual lidar and oblique mapping

Geocue Group featured its new True View line of UAV sensors at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, US. True View offers an lidar and dual oblique mapping camera configuration integrated in a lightweight payload for use on commercial drone platforms. This allows for automated generation of true 3D colourised point clouds, oblique imagery […]

Coordinated drone operations for search and rescue

Ugcs new Command and Control (Ugcs CC) solution has been developed for efficient drone integration in search and rescue, police and security operations. Urgent missions involving multiple drones demand concerted action controlled from a single command centre where all video streams, 3D maps, placemarks, and other incoming drone data are sent for real-time overviews, analysis, […]