Drone-software combo for high-precision data acquisition and processing

SenseFly has announces a limited-time offer which combines the SenseFly eBee X with intelligent photogrammetry software from Agisoft Metashape. Until 30 September 2019, customers who purchase an eBee X with a SenseFly SODA 3D, Aeria X or MicaSense RedEdge-MX sensor will receive $1000 off the price of the drone and a six-month Agisoft Metashape Professional […]

New ground control points refine satellite imagery precision

Airbus’ new series of ground control points (GCPs) gives centimetre level accuracy and higher points density. These highly precise 3D coordinates are automatically extracted from Airbus’ high-resolution stereo radar imagery, using a geodesy processor. GCPs are essential for accurate orthorectification of aerial, optical satellite and drone data, as well as precise localisation of ground features, […]

Partnership enables high-quality drone data processing

Professionals gathering rich survey and mapping data with WingtraOne now have the option to process it with the robust software solution, Correlator3D. Developed by SimActive Inc., the software provides survey-grade accuracy and detailed reports, and processes an unlimited number of images, fast, through a user-friendly interface. WingtraOne hybrid VTOL capabilities allows it to take off […]

Mobile mapping for evaluating road expansion

The Traffic Management Bureau of Foshan city China recently used the Kolidak 100 Ultra-light mobile mapping system to evaluate its Deshengdong Road Expansion Project. This roadway as-built acceptance survey recorded an 8,14 km long urban roadway which was already open to traffic. This mobile system was configured with a Velodyne VLP-16 lidar sensor which has […]

Proprietary solution for point cloud manipulation

Yellowscan launched its CloudStation proprietary software developed by to generate and visualise point clouds. The software offers a simplified experience with point cloud data, and provides a complete solution to create and manipulate point cloud data. It enables users to extract, process and display data immediately after flight acquisition. The auto-generation of flight lines and […]

New usage-based plans for on-demand positioning

Trimble Catalyst software-defined global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver for Android phones and tablets is now available with a usage-based service plan, Trimble Catalyst On Demand. The new service plan is focused on satisfying the requirements of a growing number of industries and organisations who recognise the benefits of using high-accuracy GNSS technology in the […]

Fast 3D mapping of buildings and small infrastructure

The Heron Lite is a solution for fast 3D surveying and mapping of buildings and small infrastructures, where automatic self-localisation and real-time change detection features are not required. However, if these features are needed, the upgrade to Heron AC-2 or MS-2 is possible. The Heron Lite satisfies the needs of fast local real-time mapping with […]

Three new lenses for high-altitude precision imagery

Phase One Industrial expanded its RS and RSM lens offering with three new high performance lenses for high-altitude aerial photography and long-range aerial and ground inspection applications. The 300 mm AF, 180 mm, and 150 mm MK II lenses are designed to enhance the performance and flexibility of the company’s iXM-RS and iXM aerial camera […]

UAV lidar platform showcased at international conferences

Following the successful release of its new compact lidar platform at AUVSI 2019, Teledyne Optech, a Teledyne Technologies company, has attended two more conferences during May 2019 – SPAR 3D Expo and Conference and GEO Business 2019 – to exhibit its latest lidar survey and mapping solutions. Delegate at both conferences and the opportunity to learn […]

New satellites, contracts and programmes for cubesat company

In April, Planet launched 20 next-generation Dove satellites into orbit. The Flock 4a satellites were placed into a 500km sun synchronous orbit with a mid-morning crossing time. A few days later the satellite company announced that the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has extended its 2018 contract and renewed it for an additional six months […]