Implementing an enhanced deformation monitoring system

The Sri Lankan Authorities recognised that the ongoing monitoring of Victoria Dam is essential in understanding the structural integrity of the dam post construction, as well as to understand how it is behaving in accordance with its original design. It was deemed important to update the monitoring system to capitalise on the latest advances in […]

Precise material management in various conditions

Time-of-flight laser technology offers reliable measurements of a variety of materials in a range of visibility conditions on a conveyor belt. This technology can also be used to monitoring conveyor belts for slippage and uneven loading. The Bulkscan LMS511 from SICK Automation uses time-of-flight laser technology to provide non-contact volume flow measurements on conveyor belts. […]

Surveying Africa’s largest uranium mine

Extra tight deadlines, harsh weather conditions and the biggest uranium mine in Africa – these were the project conditions that met Strydom and Associates in the Namib Desert. Using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the surveyors were able to conduct the needed volumetric measurement over a 15 km2 open pit mine in a single day. […]

Learning BIM on the job

We are “BIM-ready” is what I tell myself every morning when I arrive at work. However, the truth of the matter is, we are not BIM ready, we are not even “3D-ready”. So, how do we go about getting there? After months of going back and forth with the directors and staff, we at DSA […]

Automating photogrammetry with coded targets

This article looks at what coded targets are, when and why they are useful, how they compare with smart points, and provides examples of applications. Since its introduction during World War II, photogrammetric measurement has relied on humans manually identifying points in photographs and matching them to the same points in other photographs. The advent […]