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Building a national data repository for integrated spatial planning

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) aims to enhance the coordination and sharing of spatial data amongst the different spheres of government – a goal which gained urgency with the passing of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) in 2013. To give effect to this mandate, the DRDLR has […]

GIS and SCADA: When two worlds collide to enable efficient operations

Over the past 30 years the advances in SCADA/HMI software, open communications standards, applications, the internet and developing technologies such as IoT have seen the ability to use a data-driven approach to achieve better operational efficiencies become a reality. Combining GIS into SCADA visualisation systems have taking the cognitive human skills to problem to an […]

Using spatial information to develop business opportunities

Africa has attracted much attention from foreign markets trying to build new relationships and remove trade barriers through economic, development and investment opportunities as the world explores this vast untapped continent which is full of potential and new business areas. This article illustrates how information platforms such as Market Decision’s AfricaProfiler bridges the gap between […]

Creating a heritage map with strong data governance principles

A healthy, dynamic city needs to strike a balance between welcoming development and economic growth while retaining its cultural significance. The City of Johannesburg (CoJ) has done this through its Heritage portal, which is underpinned by strong data governance principles. The City of Johannesburg’s 120-year history, growing from a mining camp to metropolis, has left […]

Census geography: What constitutes the ideal output area for South Africa?

A specific designed output (spatial) layer to disseminate census data is aimed at enabling governmental departments, municipalities, various planners and researchers, with the smallest geographic areas that will be linked to census data to facilitate better and more detailed planning and decision-making processes. By not using the census operational layer, i.e. the Enumeration Areas (EAs), […]

Developing an integrated data service ecosystem

For the past year, SAEON’s uLwazi Node has been developing a data services ecosystem and websites for climate change adaptation for the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA). Each service serves as an individual component for a different aspect of climate adaptation, including adaptation monitoring and evaluation, climate change response, and detailing disaster impact along with […]

A quick intro to geospatial standards and why they matter to you

There is a buzzword every year. We seem to have our pick of three letter acronyms and catch phrases in boardrooms in the same way we have top 20 music hits on the radio. “Geographical standards” have become one of those flavoured phrases.  Geographical standards, however, is a word we should become familiar with as […]

Screening tool simplifies environmental authorisation process

The Department of Environmental Affairs’ Environmental Screening tool is a national online GIS-based tool which creates a centralised system for generating environmental sensitivity reports for areas of proposed development. The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) is responsible for protecting, conserving and improving the South African environment and its natural resources. As part of its mandate, […]