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Delays on IPP signatures costing jobs

  In a recent statement released by the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA), the credibility of the renewable energy independent power producers programme (REIPPP) which has received international acclaim is being threatened by ongoing delays within government departments. The association says that the delays are directly affecting the viability of projects in an advanced […]

Energy, poverty, unemployment and growth: it is time to put South Africa first

  The recent discussion about energy and electricity is one of the most important debates South Africa can have. One of the country’s fundamental objectives is to urgently address inequality, unemployment and poverty. This objective cannot be achieved by redistributing wealth alone. It can only be achieved by raising the economic growth rate. A higher […]

Lightning protection systems for biogas plants

  Complex and cost-intensive plants with fully automated processes are required to generate useable final products from biomass. A volatile mixture of gas and air is formed in the vicinity of fermentation and gas tanks, which can therefore be classified as potentially explosive atmospheres. Consequently, reliable protection concepts are required to ensure permanent availability and […]