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Enabling efficient network management in substations

  Creating a network management interface of devices and systems using different protocols can create risks and management issues which can compromise effectiveness and security for substation automation networks. An efficient and visually represented PRP/HSR network using power SCADA with specially designed management middleware can effectively avoid these problems. Traditional substation automation system (SAS) structure […]

Correcting capacitive power factor problems

  Eskisehir’s efficient new light rail train system, which runs on non-polluting electricity, has greatly benefited the general populace; but the system’s poor power factor has created a challenge for the power utility, as well as for the train’s system operators. This paper presents the solution employed to improve the power factor problem. Eskisehir, a city in […]

Coal silo collapse removes 3 GW from SA’s grid

  Eskom reports that the Majuba power station suffered a catastrophic event on 1 November 2014 when a coal silo collapsed. No one on the site was injured and the station’s output was reduced from 3600 MW to 1800 MW and then to 600 MW. The utility called a media briefing on 2 November to […]

Sun to be dominant power source by 2050

  The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that the sun will be the dominant source of energy by 2050. In late September 2014, the agency released Technology roadmap: Solar PV energy, which among other things, speculates that the cost of energy generated from solar PVs will fall to around US$0,04/kWh in coming decades making the sun the […]

Eskom calls for locally designed solutions

  Prince Moyo, Eskom’s general manager for power delivery engineering, says that the Medupi power station will feed HVDC power to Gauteng along dedicated power lines. Rejecting the concept of hybrid power lines, Moyo said that pylons will not share AC and DC lines, and that existing infrastructure will not be shared. Speaking at the […]

Rich in energy resources, poor in supply

  Inadequate energy infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa restricts urgently needed improvements in living standards. Although the region is rich in energy resources, it is very poor in energy supply. Access to reliable and affordable energy is critical to the development of a region which accounts for 13% of the world’s population. Speaking at the launch […]

Medupi fires up: First oil fire

  Unit 6, the first unit of the Medupi power station which is scheduled to be synchronised at the end of the year, successfully achieved its first oil fire on 17 October 2014. This is a major milestone for the project. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and fuel oil were used to ignite the first oil fire.   […]

Medupi receives boiler registration

  Eskom’s Medupi power station has received its pressure equipment regulation certificate of registration for Unit 6 from the Department of Labour (DoL). Boiler registration with the DoL is required as no one may use a steam generator without such a certificate, and the boiler must be registered before energy can be applied to it and before the start of the […]