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Exploring long distance VHF communication

During the years in the eleven-year cycle with high sunspot numbers, we have often seen the maximum usable frequency rising above 145 MHz and resultant very high frequency (VHF) long distance (DX) contacts being made over distances in excess of 3000 km. This, however, does not mean that during the rest the 11-year cycle DX […]

The science of measurement: A history

Metrology is the science of measurement and the technology behind the quality assurance processes in manufacturing that ensure a car runs the way it should, the computer’s processor works properly, aircraft stay in the air and more aspects of daily life that we take for granted – until something goes wrong. In manufacturing, hundreds or […]

Spectrum is not 5G’s biggest challenge

When new technologies come about, so do the hypes around them. Think back to WiMAX – it was certain to take over the communications world, but then came LTE and LTE advanced to challenge its position. Today’s hype is 5G, with all the great things it will bring. It is true that it will become […]