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Scanning in motion – ZEB1 handheld mobile 3D laser scanner

  Information from 3D Laser Mapping With its origins in robotics, the ZEB1 handheld mobile 3D laser scanner is revolutionising the mobile mapping sector. The scanner was developed by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to meet the need for a balanced combination of accuracy, range, resolution, field of view, operating conditions, cost, […]

From the Plato Act to the Geomatics Profession Act

  by Paul Marshall, Plato For the past nine years the “new Bill” has been hovering over the Geomatics industry. This has put many things on hold pending the enactment of the Geomatics Profession Act. Well now, for better or worse, it is a reality. The Act was signed off by the president in early […]

Unleashing the power of imagery

by Stuart Martin, GeoTerraImage In the fields of satellite imagery and aerial photography, the geospatial community has a myriad of choice with respect to sensors, resolutions, revisit times and capabilities in terms of imagery. Within the community, the ability to extract information and knowledge from these images seems to be lagging behind as most applications […]