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UAV data to develop reality modelling

  Reality modelling can be developed effectively by combining the use of unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV) data, 3D reality modelling software and geographical information systems (GIS). iSpatial Global Systems, in collaboration with an engineering inspection company, is in the process of completing the iGlobe Tower Management System (iGTMS) project. The purpose of this project is […]

Advancing reality modelling

  Computer-aided design (CAD) for years lacked contextual information. So said Bentley’s senior vice president of reality modelling, Ted Lamboo, at the software company’s Reality Modelling Connection Seminar that took place in Sandton on 25 October 2016. The seminar explored reality modelling for various infrastructure projects, and focussed on the company’s ContextCapture software which uses […]

3D modeling based on still images

Agisoft PhotoScan is a tool for reconstructing 3D models using  still images as input data. The program provides robust photo alignment, no coded targets or special shooting conditions are needed. Agisoft PhotoScan Standard edition is a basic program realisation that can be used to solve various tasks: reconstruction, modeling, digitalisation and simulation of objects and scenes […]