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Power protection

Information from ABB Industrial automation has reached very high levels of sophistication. Plants, including automobile manufacturing units, chemical factories and semiconductor fabs, now house some very advanced technology which require a robust and continuous public power grid.  Unfortunately, the grid is susceptible to unpredictable and erratic variation and interruption. Download the PDF document

Five steps to creating a more flexible data centre

Information from ABB Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, famously observed back in 1965 that “The number of transistors incorporated in a chip approximately doubles every 24 months.” The timeframe has since been shortened to 18 months, and transistor count has faded as the metric for computational power. Today, the law is taken to mean that […]

Order for 2400 robots from BMW Group

ABB recently received an order for 2400 robots by BMW Group. Over the next three years the robots will be installed at factories in Regensburg and Leipzig, Germany, as well as in Tiexi, China. These robots will mainly be used for material handling tasks, as well as gluing and spot welding processes. This is not the first such […]

Ride-through testing of wind turbine converters

  The testing of low-voltage, ride-through capability of wind turbine converters has recently been standardised in the 2nd edition of IEC 61400-21. Thus, testing the converters in the factory is important to shorten the on-site testing time required to meet  IEC 61400-21 requirements. Download the PDF document

Senior changes at ABB South Africa

Carlos Poñe Leon Viljoen Carlos Poñe has been appointed as CEO for ABB in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and manager of Southern Gulf (UAE, Qatar, Oman) and Pakistan, with effect from 1 February 2013. Poñes has been with ABB for 20 years, 14 of which were served as CEO for South Africa and manager […]

Order for medium voltage induction motors

ABB has won an order worth $13-million to supply medium voltage induction motors to various Eskom power plants in South Africa, including Duvha, Hendrina, Kriel, Lethabo, Matla and Kendal. ABB in South Africa will be supplying 62 medium voltage induction motors ranging from 375 kW to 10 MW. The scope of the contract entails the […]

Robotic take-up rises as manufacturing becomes reshored

by Nigel Platt, ABB, UK & Ireland This article explains how automating with industrial robots can help companies to bring their manufacturing home without any adverse effects on their competitiveness. Dunn & Edwards in the USA are using robots to palletise 19-litre paint drums. The on-going impact of the global economic downturn has seen many […]

Advantages of the larger drive

The current trend in industry towards larger electrical drives stems from the advantages of larger drives over smaller units, including increased production capacity and system efficiency. by Johannes Ahlinder, Thomas L Johansson, ABB   Download the following pdf

Robotics in industry

Compiled by Hans van de Groenendaal, EngineerIT In the automotive industry robots have been used for many years but in some other sectors their use has been slow to take off. We asked a number of people from the automation industry to participate in a virtual panel discussion on robotics. Hopefully we take the lid […]

New roles for permanent magnet technology

by Jouni Ikäheimo, ABB For many decades, permanent magnet technology has been used in smaller scale applications where its favorable weight-to-performance ratio is an advantage. Its use in bigger electrical machines, however, has not been that common. This, however, is changing. The increasing demand for new solutions for wind power generators and special motors for […]