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Location-based services: business insights and basic functions

  Location information provides insight into human behaviour, and is at the heart of delivering services that are relevant and convenient. Those who understand this, use location information and turn it into revenue. LBS not only drive revenue, but are also the magic ingredient which turns science fiction into reality when it comes to the […]

Ensuring accuracy and speed

The DS total station, with Topcon’s intuitive MAGNET on-board software, is for the professional looking for productivity enhancements to assist with a variety of applications from staking out complex structures to simple topo work. The new Xpointing technology features an intelligent algorithm that automatically collimates to prisms with precisely corrected angle readings, even in dark […]

Monitoring sensor for critical tasks

For critical monitoring tasks, the new Leica Nova TM50 is said to provide the highest angle accuracy and offers short measurement cycles through high speed Piezo drives and a fast, highly accurate EDM. The TM50 includes 0,5″ angular accuracy and can measure up to 3000 m, which makes it the ideal sensor for monitoring tasks […]