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Circuit breakers with direct opening action

ACDC Dynamics, sole distributors of Terasaki in South Africa, offers a full range of moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) and air circuit breakers (ACBs). The Terasaki TemBreak2 range’s specifications exceed international standards for safety. Direct opening action, recommended by IEC standards for machine safety, are standard features in most models and ranges. A unique safety […]

Special lens eliminates glare

The KL range of lamps available from AC/DC Dynamics and its distribution points uses a specially-designed lens which eliminates glare and provides even light distribution – an innovative technology which reduces glare and eye strain. The lenses’ design makes it possible to project light all around the lamp, providing the same effect as old incandescent lamps. For […]

Automatic power factor controller

ACDC Dynamics introduced a new plug-in automatic PFC system. With the growing demand in the area of energy management and monitoring, the VMP and VMPC PFC range features three phase monitoring, and both single and three phase compensation. This enables users the ability to determine precise compensation. On the technical side, 3 C/Ts are required […]

Power factor correction

ACDC Dynamics introduces its new plug-in automatic power factor correction (PFC) systems. With the growing demand in the area of energy management and monitoring, the company’s PFC range features three phase monitoring and both single and three phase compensation. On the technical side, three CT’s are required to be installed with this monitoring system. The […]

Timers that reduce stockholding

Rhomberg timers are available in two series, Slimline 11 pin plug-in format and A-Line DIN rail mount format. Both series offer a number of timing functions in standard time ranges of up to 999 hours. The feature of being fully programmable allows parameters such as time and or function to be set or adjusted as […]

DIN rail mounted motor/pump protection relays

Rhomberg now has the MP820/MP830 family of motor/pump protection relays under the “Protechtor” product range. These DIN rail mounted units are for the protection of AC induction motors, and will automatically set up the overload and underload as well as the overvoltage and undervoltage trip points within specific limits when in calibration mode. Motors up […]

Safety switches to minimise downtime

To minimise downtime on conveyor belts, AC/DC Dynamics supplies robust, heavy-duty, pull-wire safety trip switches, alignment switches and speed switches. The easy-to-install conveyor pull-wire switches are located at intervals along the walkway next to the belt and have standard 5 x 8 mm PVC covered steel pull-wire tensioned between each switch. When a person pulls […]

Photovoltaic systems for industrial and residential areas

AC/DC Dynamics provides photovoltaic systems for industrial and residential areas. It offers products such as PV grid-connection power systems, and offers clients consultation during the design, production and installation stages while maintaining strict quality control. Main products include solar panels, PV inverters, solar mountings, PV power systems, and solar street lights. The company guarantees that […]