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Tantalum capacitors

Like most high-tech industries, operating temperatures in downhole applications keep increasing. Firadec’s answer to this demand is the launch of its new CT 79 HT 200 Tantalum capacitors. These non-solid electrolytes are designed to offer high capacitance and high energy performance(> 1200 µF, > 150 V) at high temperature (> 200°C). Contact Kevin Klaff, Actum […]

Flexible small case for standardised and non-standardised PCBs

Schroff has developed a new series of handy small cases, known as minipac, for a wide diversity of applications in industry, railway systems, instrumentation and measurement, communications and network technologies. Particularly in the area of embedded systems, they enable so-called computer-on-module solutions to be constructed. The case consists of an aluminium extrusion that is closed […]